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Under the expert tuition of our highly qualified staff, we will follow the I.S. Syllabus to teach you how to drive our powerboats effectively and safely. All successful participants receive an I.S.A. Certification which is required by law in order to operate a planning craft.

Introduction to Powerboating Certificate

The aim of this powerboat course is to provide a short practical introduction to boat handling and safety on powerboats being used on all Irish waters. It is ideally suited to anyone new to powerboating and those whose primary role will be as crew on a powerboat. By the end of the course participants will be able to safely and effectively crew a powerboat and take the helm while under supervision.

Introduction to Powerboating €150 per person (One-day Course)

National Powerboat Certificate

The aim of this two-day course is to develop the skills and knowledge that allow participants to safely and effectively skipper an open powerboat by day, on inland and coastal waters, with which they are familiar.

Irish Sailing recommends this Certificate as the minimum level of training and knowledge required before anyone uses a powerboat on their own. In the majority of cases beginners would do this course and the ‘Introduction to Powerboating’ as part of the same three-day course. The certificate can also be achieved through direct assessment by a Powerboat Instructor.

National Powerboat Certificate €300 per person per course (2-day Course)

Safety Boat Certificate

By the end of this course, the successful candidate will have a wide range of boat handling techniques and experience in the provision of safety cover for sailing events. Areas covered will include, towing, assistance with race management, mark laying and the provision of assistance for sailing dinghies (single handed and crewed), sail boards and canoes.

Irish Sailing recommends this certificate as the minimum level of training and knowledge required by the coxswains of boats providing safety cover at clubs, regattas, coaching or courses of instruction.

Safety boat courses are run on demand. Minimum number of participants required.

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